Full Liver Detox Approaches Research and References plus Meal Plan and Recommendations

This is a full research and description of approaches, supplements, foods, supportive herbs, a 5 day menu outline with amounts, a recommendation of 3 approaches to start, a full description of every supplement and food that supports the detox, a full description of the conditions that can affect the liver and other methods to help heal.

Bonus: Vitamin and mineral handouts made specific to the approach

Bonus 2: Building diet direction with pictures, portions, and a whole new grouping of how foods should be approached according to the goal of eating for optimal health

Bonus 3: SECOND WEEK full menu plan

Bonus 4: Recipes to go along with the second week

Bonus 5: Short-list of Liver supportive approaches and nutritional management

This is truly for the information seekers, fully packed with information - probably more than you will need to know about all of the supportive nutritional management approaches available today with references and further reading.

5 PDF, 1 DOCX, 2 PPP and 1 MP4
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