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Individualized Nutrition Consultation

Want to reach your goals safely, effectively, and with the highest quality of living along the way? Loose weight for a wedding, feel better overall, relieve digestive upset, uncover hidden health bandits in your life, and talk personally with your own nutrition personal assistant.

Your consult includes two personal talk-time visits (digital or physical in Sonoma County, Ca.). In your first visit we will get the health intake and history questions out the the way in just a few minutes, we will go over your goals and feelings, talk and get to know the basics of where your assistant can help.

In your first visit you'll print up a journal, and personal monitoring forms to fill out. This is vital to get to know your eating habits. You can opt to use an app or your own food journal, but other sections in this journal are equally important. The monitoring forms are essential as well.

In your second visit: After you completed your 5 day journal you'll hear from your assistant within 24 hours for your full Individualized Nutrition discovery session and planning. An email with the information will be generated at that time and will include what we go over in our discussion so you have it in record. Further visits at the same discounted rate can be made up to 5 purchases per person.

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