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Soap Makers Cost Calculator in Excel

Get to know your exact boundaries in your pricing down to the penny. Use it for leverage to price your soaps competitively at the market.

People who have tried this cost calculator have told me they are glad they didn't need to work this out on their own. They have more time to do what they want. They feel better knowing they are getting a few cents more, or only reducing the price by a few cents to match the market and get their soaps into shops. They are putting more quality ingredients into their soaps knowing where their margins are, and they don't feel bad anymore about putting a price tag on their item that may be higher then they would guess (or lower).

I wanted a tool that would assure me of the bottom line prices, and retail prices I should be charging when going to the farmers market or approaching a local market to sell at a discount. I could have always guessed, but I knew better.

I'm skilled in using Excel for similar purposes, so I quickly went to that program when I wanted to find out how much money was actually going into making my soaps.

My information is short and sweet, it's not a book, it's not pages of information, it's a simple 3 page pre-filled workbook for you to use and modify for personal use. You'll have your recipe entered in there, your essential oil blend, your additives, and everything in one spot.

If you object to the pre-filled information, just enter the actual information that you want. You can modify the wage for labeling and non-skilled time, or skilled time. You can also modify the marketing expense section, travel, and add another section or category of your own. The standards I use personally are in there.

Thinking about waiting? Please don't, this price is not available long. It's going to go up with each improvement and addition, and with all the added holiday season, you'll want to have your prices right.

Now this will factor in ALL the costs I've found go into making a bar of soap. This is my own way of being sure my prices are not too low, and since it's my full time job I don't want to ruin my potential to have a good business. I factor in everything you can think of and I make it easy. Time, travel, advertising allowance, cost of business, essential oil blend pricing, and a suggested pricing tier system for different platforms like Etsy and Amazon. All yours for $19.99 and it's well worth it. For the price of 4 bars of soap you have a tool that will help you confidently price all your soap. Don't hesitate to use it right away.

You'll also get free upgrades for 30 days from the date of purchase, and you'll be able to download up to 5 times during that time-frame.

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